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Błędy:Najbardziej Irytujące Błędy 10.3 dev

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Najbardziej wkurzające błedy oraz proponowane rozwiązania:

Aby uzyskać ogólne informacje na temat raportowania błędów, zobacz raportowanie błędów. Podczas testowania wersji z drzewa factory/alpha nie należy zgłaszać błędów w tłumaczeniu; z wyjątkiem tłumaczeń w wersjch beta. Zobacz także OpenSUSE Localization Guide.

Aby bezpośrednio zgłośić błąd w openSUSE 10.3, odwiedź link.

Please Note: During the alpha phase, we release every four weeks external Alphas (Alpha1, Alpha2,...) and two weeks after an external AlphaX, we create an internal AlphaXplus for testing (Alpha1plus, Alpha2plus,...). Since every Alpha is made from current FACTORY sources and FACTORY is synced out regulary, the bugs in an AlphaXplus - even if most do not have access to it - might be interesting.

openSUSE 10.3 RC1

  • Live-CD: wrong permissions of /etc/sudoers (Bug #326714), fix: chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers
  • yast2 reboots at the end of install but doesn't unmount /mnt/ before, corrupts XFS file system (Bug #326478)
  • Online update opens an annoying popup with the progress. We'll prepare an online update for it, so it will only affect the first update (Bug #326247)
  • On some machines we have problems with the kernel and ACPI - investigating, more data would be helpful
  • GNOME is not yet final - we will update this right after RC1 and prepare a RC2. This one will be internally, but you can get the update through Factory
  • 32bit PPC machines have a problem with dependencies that try to install 64bit RPMs.
  • USB printer are not proper installed and cannot be used, if installed by YaST (Bug #326319)
  • Media Check has disappeared from the DVD (Bug #326861)

openSUSE 10.3 Beta3

  • Registration starts full package management stack - which takes _AGES_ (zypp cache is not copied from the RAM disk) (Bug #304310)
  • 10.2 -> 10.3 Update: pattern:zmd cannot be installed due to missing dependencies (Bug #307743)
  • kdepim3: various regressions around POP3 (Bug #307040) -> online update pending
  • setfont breaks first Xserver start (Bug #302010) -> online update pending
  • Install software and control center icons are missing from GNOME main-menu (Bug #302324)
  • YaST Software Management complains of not having enough disk space even though there is lots to be had (Bug #308446)
  • Newer logitech mice that use evdev cause SaX2 to fail (Bug 262317}

openSUSE 10.3 Beta2

  • Wyloguj: wyloguj i zamknij system w menu GNOME nie działa (Bug #302316) (Wyłączenie technologii pomocniczych chwilowo rozwiązuje problem)
  • Sax2: Problemy z konfiguracją na kartach z chipsetem Intel GFX (Bug #270846) (poprawiona paczka znajdzie się niedługo w repozytorium. Obserwuj zmiany na
  • Typy repozytoriów internetowych nie są wyświetlane (Bug #302385)
  • libzypp: weryfikacja podpisów dla rpm nie działa (Bug #302379)
  • Weryfikacja podpisu dla wydania także nie działa
  • libzypp: żle wyświetlana jest wielkość pakietów rpm (Bug #293039)
  • libzypp: nie można pominąć uszkodzonych pakietów (pominięcie => przerwanie procesu) (Bug #297001)
  • ConsoleKit zawiesza się podczas updatowania (Bug #302148)
  • Nie można przeprowadzić rejestracji i aktualizacji repozytoriów (Bug #302152)
  • Flash/nspluginviewer blokuje Konqueror i zabiera 100% CPU (Bug #294385)
  • Win jest podpięty na stałe do menu GNOME (Bug 217044)
  • karty Intel wifi: pakiety iwl3945-ucode i iwl4965-ucode nie są instalowane domyślnie aby korzystać z wifi na chipsetach INTEL'a należy je doinstalować ręcznie.
  • HAL/NetworkManager źle wykrywa stan WLAN/killswitch. Karty Intel WLAN nie działają (Bug #303834)

openSUSE 10.3 Beta1

  • Baza danych blokuje się w czasie odświeżania repozytoriów[Bug 297627]. Rozwiązanie: usuń /var/cache/zypp/zypp.db i ponownie odśwież (lub po prostu uruchom menedżer pakietów YaST). This will rebuild the cache db without error.
  • When adding a repository while having few others already defined, a media exception occurs upon trying to download a file which does not exist at the repository (Bug #297611])
  • Flash/nspluginviewer blokuje Konqueror i zajmuje 100% CPU (Bug #294385)
  • Rejestracja kończy się niepowodzeniem w niektórych przypadkach (Bug #261239)
  • The signature of the Release Notes can't be checked (Bug #283738)
  • GNOME x86_64 ISO dalej nie mieści się na CD (Bug #296915)
  • Brak informacji o rozmiarze zainstalowanych pakietów (Bug #293039)
  • Java nie działa pod firefoxem
  • OOo nie ma ikon, a splash jest czarny (Bug #296502, rozwiązanie)
  • opensuseupdater-kde nie startuje automatycznie (Bug #298877), rozwiązanie: uruchamiaj ręcznie za każdym razem
  • Newer logitech mice that use evdev cause SaX2 to fail (Bug #262317}
  • YaST nie jest w stanie zamontować szyfrowanych systemów plików podczas aktualizacji(Bug #258222)

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha7

  • On vmware and on some older SCSI controllers after install, root partition is not found (Bug 278796 [ Bug 296495), work-around
  • "zypper install foo" does not work. Workaround: "zypper install -n foo". (-n reverts to the old behavior. The new behavior should enable installing by package version or by a provided file name, but there is bug 294727)
  • Flash/nspluginviewer blocks Konqueror and takes 100% CPU (Bug 294385)
  • Newer logitech mice that use evdev cause SaX2 to fail (Bug 262317}

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha6

  • Network setup is broken, needs some manual repair or rcnetwork restart ( Bug 292401)
  • Public key for checking release-notes.rpm is unavailable (Bug 292402)
  • Registration is broken (Bug 292404)
  • GNOME is W.I.P. (Bug 292706)
  • Adding default repositories crashes installation (Bug 292643)
  • FTP installation is broken and gives you curl errors (Bug 293004)
  • enable repositories does not work (Bug 292648)

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha5

  • YaST do not accept the default gpg key by default and asks for import during registration. (Bug 283738)
  • grub config completely broken on update (Bug 283709)
  • No remote repository gets added during installation (Bug 283740)
  • ifup/getcfg are broken, so the traditional network scripts will not work - workaround: Use NetworkManager (Bug 283724).
  • No NIS offered during installation (Bug 270899)
  • doesn't start when using one CD installation media on some laptops (Bug 284388), Fix: install x11-input-synaptics from factory with zypper
  •'s RADEON Xserver may crash when going to powersave mode (Bug 264720)

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha4 Plus (internal build only)

Alpha4plus is an internal test release which has gone through QA which has found the following bugs that are also in the current factory tree:

  • kdelibs3 should Obsolete kdepim3-networkstatus but doesn't - after upgrade, remove kdepim3-networkstatus and reinstall kdelibs3, or you will have problems with offline mode.

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha4

  • No online update offered during installation (Bug 270919)
  • No NIS offered during installation (Bug 270899)

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha3 Plus (internal build only)

Alpha3plus is an internal test release which has gone through QA which has found the following bugs that are also in the current factory tree:

  • lot of warnings when starting GTK application (Bug 265386)
  • KDE4 games have no icons (Fix: install kdelibs4 package, no bug report)
  • No NIS offered during installation (Bug 270899)
  • Release notes have no active back/abort next during update (Bug 270893)
  • File system type swap not available (Bug 270857)
  • No online update offered during installation (bug to be filed)

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha3

  • Java applications are not working due to implementation errors in SUN Java. Bug 252510 Workaround here and also adding "LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=1" to the environment.
  • The installation of vim-normal might fail, just ignore it Bug 262706
  • Branding and translations are still at the 10.2 level Bug 240598
  • The Radeon driver is broken and crashes the X server Bug 263199. Workaround: Disable the MergedFB option (see bugreport).
  • Installation with several CD-ROMs might crash at some point Bug 263207
  • gnome-main-menu might crash in some installations. Bug 263294. Fix: Reinstall gnome-main-menu with --force (you might want to install a new control-center2 package without the duplicated libslab, it's available from the ftp server under 10.3-Alpha3/Extra-RPMs).
  • Network install doesn't work, no interface can be set up. Try a boot.iso from ../opensuse/distribution/SL-OSS-factory/inst-source/boot/boot.iso bug 259414

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha2

  • Branding and translations are still at the 10.2 level Bug 240598
  • ide-disk module does not get loaded at installation time. A "modprobe ide-disk" on commandline does workaround this issue. This affects all older IDE chipsets which are not supported via libata, like chipsets used in virtualisation applications Bug 250241
  • Firefox on x86-64 does not connect to any website Bug 249686
  • KDE-Multimedia is not selected for KDE by default Bug 253022
  • GNOME main menu does crash direct after login. Bug 251206 Select to delete it, then right click on the panel, select add to panel and then choose menu bar to get a menu. We've put older gnome-main-menu RPMS to [1]
  • GNOME installation fails to install gail package, just click ignore
  • Some GNOME applications will crash when closing them. As a result, bug buddy will show up. Do not use bug buddy to report these bugs, but rather go to and search to see if the bug has already been reported. Bug 253986
  • The new Resolv tab in YaST2 Network Devices/Network Card does not retain the values for DNS servers if these are input manually. Workaround: edit /etc/resolv.conf as root and add your DNS servers like this: "nameserver x.y.z.w" Bug 255312
  • GNOME will display a message box "Your session has been started without assistive technology support" upon login. Bug 254403 Workaround: Just click "OK"
  • Java applications in web-browsers are not working due to implementation errors in SUN Java. Bug 252510 Workaround here

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha1plus

  • Firefox does not connect to any website Bug 249686

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha1

  • Adding a remote repository shows "/media.1/in not found". Just press OK to continue the install Bug 243498
  • ftp installation of mounted CD/DVD images is not possible (http seems to work - and installation from online repositories works as well) Bug 245304
  • On x86-64, you need CD4 for a default install since some extra -devel packages are installed Bug 245332
  • Some Systems will hang at "Cloning the system ..." when selecting "Clone This System for AutoYaST" Bug 245350
  • A GNOME installation does not include OpenOffice_org and banshee Bug 245408 245407

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha0plus

  • Checkmedia dialog mentions that checkmedia is missing. Do not install the package - and continue the install. (press first "Cancel", then "continue") Bug #238670
  • inkscape gives an error during install, just press "Ignore" Bug #240571
  • apparmor does not work with 2.6.20 openSUSE 10.3 kernel Bug #239147
  • There were crashes of X11 while switched to the console Bug #240593