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About me

Name: Sascha Manns
Born: 1.10.1979 in Mayen (Rhineland/Germany/Europe/Earth/Solar-System/Orion Arm/Milkstreet/Local Group/Virgo-Supercluster)
Webside: http://saschamanns.gulli.to
Blog: http://saschasbacktrace.blogspot.com
openSUSE-Blog: http://lizards.opensuse.org/author/saigkill
ICQ: 173607000
IRC: saigkill @ (Freenode)
Mail: 0fdevnullff@mail.ru

Why 'saigkill'?

This was an Typing Error. I'd like to write "sigkill", but my Fingers are faster, and they are typed "saigkill". That's all Folks...


  • From 1992-1995 Beginning in Assembler, BASIC
  • From 1994-2005 Softwareprojects for the following Operating Systems: GEOS(C64), PC/GEOS, LINUX.
  • From 1995-1998 Training to Merchant
  • From 1998-2000 Merchant
  • From 2000-2007 Priest, Social Worker, House Painter & Carpet Layer, Security- Dangerous goods safety adviser (All Jobs simultanly ;-) ).
  • From 1996-2006 Betatester for Microsoft and WTBTS
  • From 1996-2006 Author: Economic Science, Computersecurity.
  • From 2007-now Author for Wikipedia
  • From 2008-now Bugreporter for KDE & openSUSE Project
  • From 2008-now Public Relations Management Open-News-Network e.V.
  • From 2008-now Member of Chaos Computer Club e.V.
  • From 2008-now Member of the Weekly-News Team by openSUSE


  • German (DE) :-)
  • English (EN) learned read and a little bit write
  • Russian (RU) learned read and a little bit write
  • Tschek (CS) learned read

First steps with SuSE

My first Contact with LINUX was SuSE 6.2. A Friend gives me an CD-Bundle, and on the same Day i deleted my Hard-Disk, and installed SuSE. But after the Installation i make "Big Eyes". LINUX was very different to Windows. I fight the next days with LINUX, i read the Admin and the Userhandbook, and thought :"Shit". I was very afraid, and deleted Linux, and make my old Windows on it. But one year later i become an new CD through my subscribet Computer Magazine. I was interested, and killed my Windows. Then i installed Linux, and was happy. Many drivers was updated, and i can work with him. I learned more about Suse, and since that Day i have only Linux on my Computer. In the next months i tryed different Distributions. Mandrake, Debian, and Red Hat. But i comes back to SuSE. I like his stability, good usability and good feeling- :-)

Jump to the opensuse-Project

Since one Year i supported User in Mailinglists, Forum and Usenet. Since Issue 44 from Weekly-News i worked in this Team. Since a half year i worked as Bugreporter. I has the KDE/UNSTABLE-Tree installed and search for Errors. Then i write a Report. My goal is to become a Opensuse-Member. So i hope to can do more works.


Actually i`m filling my Repository with Packages. My Repo is placed in: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/saigkill/ . Have a lot of fun...

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