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Usługi budowlane

Okno informacyje openSUSE zawiera odnośnik do strony Build Service. Ta strona powinna się raczej nazywać Usługi budowlane.


--Yecril71pl 22:12, 23 wrz 2010 (UTC)

Hi Yecril71pl,

Thanks for interest in wiki translation.

Please subscribe to mail list. We can't be everywhere and having one place for communication helps everyone to see what is going on and to ask questions. To subscribe wite empty email to , after that mail server will send you confirmation email that you have to answer. This prevents someone else to subscribe you to mail list.

For instance you missed recent wiki update described in bug report 629405. I accidentally discovered that you are translating articles checking changes in English wiki. I guess there is still time to ask for update. -- For wiki team en:User:Rajko_m 07:08, 26 wrz 2010 (UTC)